Upcoming Otome Game News 2014 [B’s Log Magazine June Issue]

065015xmwggvms7gwsmgwwB’s Log June 2014 IssueCode:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi, tokimeki restaurant, Reine de fleur, Re: Birthday Song.

Details under cut, Photo Credits Here  

After Otomate joined hands with Sony PsVita earlier this year, the new era of otome gaming has finally begun! (which means it’s time for my little P to take the Black (T_T) ) Anyway, before I get into the details in this issue, I’m going to begin by inserting my shameless plug of…:Free!

 photo Screenshot_1_zpsf074707b.png

Yuup the second season of Free, Eternal Summer, is set to air July this year. The story is about the summer after the Tokyo tournament, and one new additional cast has been confirmed:

 photo Screenshot_2_zpsbcbea8c2.png

Yamazaki, the new character, is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya (Arata from Chihayafuru). Yamazaki is Rin’s childhood friend from elementary school who understands Rin very well. It says here that he is very strict and disciplinary to himself when it comes to swimming.

The CM:

“The summer is coming. Our first and last eternal summer. It is almost here…”

The longer version CM that they aired in Japan:

 Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi

 photo b4914e49gw1efvvykeio6j20og0g8afq_zps1720f0d7.jpg

A new Ps Vita game from Otomate that is supposed to come out by fall this year, but my money is on that its release will delayed to winter 2014. Official Web HERE. The story talks about this girl named Cardia, who is seen as a monster by people around her because her body is full of venomous poison. She lost her memory about two years ago, and she arrives in London to look for her father and perhaps her lost memory. The accompanying male characters are Lupin, Van, Fran, Impey, and Saint Germain. Lupin, the main male character, is a world-famous thief who is optimistic and a bit of an egoist. Van is an ex-military officer who is known for his vampire-hunting skills (?!). Fran used to work for the English government as a scientist, but now he is wanted for some unknown reason…? Not much on Impey, it just says that he comes to London with Lupin to look for his “important thing”. St. G is said to be a real and queer gentleman who provides shelter for Cardia while she is in London.

CGs released in B’s Log

 photo img026-1_zps6b5cee8f.jpg photo img024-1_zps7c4133f5.jpg

so a poisonous heroine in supernatural London (let’s hope it’s the Victorian Era) surrounded by thieves and mad scientists ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ ? The story is written by 西村悠 san, who is known for the hiiro no kakera series. I found the hiiro no kakera series a bit dull for me…but Victorian London has always been an interesting otome material so maybe this one will be different??!

tokimeki restaurant 

In this issue there’s a few pages on this Konami phone app game tokimeki restaurant. This game celebrated its first anniversary back in March.

 photo Screenshot_1_zpsc5b3f32e.png photo Screenshot_2_zpsc8bf3636.png

Despite being only a game app, this game is really well-made and it really brings back memories of those TMGS games… I have no resistance against Konami otome games, but where is the fourth GS??!!  It has been so many years since the third one, and tokimeki restaurant only tortures me even more. Not gonna lie, these dudes are super dreamy, but they are gonna be so much better in a legit GS game, not a app!! (╥_╥)

Reine de fleur

 photo b4914e49gw1efvvyfc2egj20og0ga46p_zpsbd6d7f73.jpg

Another game from Otomate, and yupp this game has become my most anticipated game of the year. This game will probably push me into investing in a Ps Vita (there’s no denying the truth now…). Official Web HERE and Otome Jikan has a nice article on the story synopsis and characters HERE. You might be thinking to yourself, “wait…I have seen this art style before”. The art and character design is by 薄葉カゲロー, from Wand of Fortune series. In short, this game will be the love story between the princess and one of these knights, and each knight is from a different country. In this game, even the sub-characters are sooo pretty. Take Leon’s sister (fyi, it says here that she uses her fan as a weapon to whack Leon (´∀`)):

 photo img071_zps18174937.jpg

Leon’s love for the heroine is love at the first sight. Here’s a little snippet on when Leon first meets the heroine:

 photo img076_zps5fdc0424.jpg

Leon: “I have finally met you! The woman of my destiny!”

Violette: “….”

Re: Birthday Song

 photo b4914e49gw1efvvyht5ulj20og0ga44q_zpsf678b191.jpg

Finally, a PC game from Honeybee. The art is done by none other than さとい (diabolik lovers). The heroine ココロ attends a “death reaper” school in the underworld, but her classmates-the death reapers in-training-sing instead of collect souls like the death reapers that we know of. 

Info vid from honeybee:

The colouful step series was a bit disappointing, but hope this game would be better since this game will only have 5 pursuable characters in the main game.

That concludes the June issue of B’s Log. Other games I didn’t mention are like ReviceD, the urakata hakuouki  FD, and E:RObotts. This issue also made me realize that YES IT IS TIME TO INVEST IN A PS VITA!!!!  


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Otome Game News 2014 [B’s Log Magazine June Issue]

  1. Yes, it is time to invest in Vita T^T I was hoping that it’d take a while before it becomes so commonly used. I must be getting old xD I’m also looking forward to REines des Fleurs the most. Not sure about Honeybee’s upcoming releases… I was super excited about the ayakashi game, but I suspect it’s gonna be dull.

    • Otomate does have quite a lot of seemingly promising games this year xD yeah ever since colorful steps it’s take a while for me to regain love for honeybee now :p

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